Our Product

The Optibid Algorithm sets us apart from competitors. Designed and realised by our in-house data scientist, our bid management tool is a turnkey solution which adapts to a client’s industry. Rival PPC firms are simply more rigid; only we can meet your unique market needs.

What is the Optibid Algorithm?

The Optibid Algorithm is a data engineering tool that has the ability to compute what should be paid per ad click per keyword for a desired overall ROAS.

As a machine learning tool, the algorithm is able to unearth critical insights without being specifically programmed to do so. In that sense, the algorithm learns on the job, analysing crucial data specific to your brand. Unlike huge PPC agencies, we can implement the changes that clients need quickly.

The Optibid Algorithm scours every facet of your campaign, scrutinising every keyword and keyword combination, as well as setting modifiers for device (mobile, tablet, desktop), day of the week, and the time of year. We, like the Optibid Algorithm, are always learning and improving how we manage our client campaigns.

What crucial data does the Algorithm analyse?

For the Optibid Algorithm, the devil really is in the details. Our bid management tool:

Our clients determine their desired budget and profit margin on advertising spend.

We do the rest.

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