Entering The Swedish Gambling Market With Optibid

Martina Di Donato

Feb 14, 2019

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On the 1st of January 2019 Sweden liberalised the gambling market, allowing companies to apply for a license. What does this mean for marketing and advertising? There are a few rules to observe when promoting gambling sites in the Nordic market.

We are delighted to share some tips with you, in order to help you start a successful PPC campaign in Sweden.

When can we start?

Bing is already allowing applications for white-listing to advertise in Sweden, as long as the applicant respects the following requirements: “Must be licensed through Spelinspektionen. The Spelinspektionen logo must be clearly displayed on the website”.

Google is still not offering the possibility to select Sweden for white-listing (see picture below). Most likely, this will be possible around the end of Q1, start of Q2.

(Google, 2019)
(Google, 2019)

How should you prepare for it?

Companies willing to compete in the Swedish market should be aware of the following rules and regulations:

Respecting these rules is the first essential step for entering the Swedish market.

It is important as well to understand the potential of penetrating the Swedish gambling industry with a strong PPC strategy.

In this section we have provided you with some useful insights on this subject.

Note that in Sweden, the interest in online gambling has grown by 15.23% year on year, with a significantly higher growth than Denmark and the United Kingdom (see graph below).

(Google, 2018)
(Google, 2018)

Sports Betting search queries get the highest volume in Sweden, followed by Casino terms which are currently growing rapidly as well.

While Sports Betting dominates the search volume, Casino has seen higher YoY growth (+39%) than Sports Betting, Bingo and Poker.

(Google, 2018)
(Google, 2018)

What is the Swedish Market Like?

It is also important to be aware of which competitors’ brands are best to bid on.

Current top brands in the Swedish industry are: Unibet, Bet365, Svenska Spel, ATG, LeoVegas, Betsson Casino, Maria Casino, Mr Green Casino and Ninja Casino. The latter is the fastest growing, at a rate of 312.28% year on year.

Investing in a strong competitor campaign tailored to your business will be extremely beneficial to initially penetrate the market and acquire market share.

Optibid can help you set up the right competitor campaign to raise brand awareness in Sweden.

Targeting the right audience is also essential for the success of your business, especially when entering a new market. At Optibid, we know exactly how to do it. In Sweden, most people interested in gambling are male; around 80% overall. This means that targeting male users will bring more value to your company than targeting female users.

Finally, regarding device, Optibid will closely monitor performance of the different devices to optimise your account and more attention will be given to mobile users since this segment is growing at a rate of 16.15% year on year, largely overtaking desktop and tablet.

Which language?

Advertising in the right language is fundamental to reach the right audience and lead users to convert on your site. 88.89% of gambling searches are in Swedish, so Optibid’s primary focus will be to create ads in Swedish. We will create also a small portion of ad copy in English, to avoid missing out on that 5.61% of the market that is searching gambling terms in English.

Which currency?

Your site will need to take Swedish krona, while Optibid will tailor your marketing spend currency based on your business needs and requirements. This will help both your business and us to have an accurate view of the performance and track it efficiently.

Still not sure if Sweden is the right choice for your business? Contact us today to remove all your doubts!

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